4dot partnership with EtherPrint and LiquidSwap to launch Cross Chain Farming on Avalanche

As an extension of our partnership with LiquidSwap, Cross Chain Farming (CCF) has struck a deal to incorporate EtherPrint (run by the LiquidSwap team) into the 4dot ecosystem — re-launching under the Cross Chain Farming brand on Avalanche.

This enables us to leverage both teams’ technical and strategic skill sets, combine the strong EtherPrint and Cross Chain Farming communities and fast track the planned bridge launch of Cross Chain Farming on Avalanche.

This is a very exciting opportunity for both projects and holders, offering a brighter future for ETHP holders, an exciting step forward for CCF holders and a strong base to grow both the 4dot and LiquidSwap ecosystems.

Full details on the plan are outlined below.

The problem

Whilst reflections or “printer” tokens are a great concept, and in many ways a precursor to the FaaS model, they are purely reliant on volume to pay out rewards. This is unfortunately not a sustainable model as we have seen with many node projects that are also solely reliant on volume.

The EtherPrint team started the project with good intentions and have a lot of integrity. They realised this model was unsustainable and have been working on solutions for the benefit of ETHP holders. Meanwhile, the Cross Chain Farming team has been planning to bridge and launch on Avalanche, and we were discussing how to secure liquidity for this launch.

The solution

After partnering with LiquidSwap we started speaking with the team and a clear and obvious win-win opportunity presented itself. EtherPrint and ETHP holders needed a new direction and Cross Chain Farming needed a quick route to market on Avalanche for broader cross chain exposure.

Here’s the plan (with detailed numbers in the next section):

  1. Cross Chain Farming will bridge a portion of their existing token supply from Binance Smart Chain to Avalanche (locked on BSC and minted on Avalanche so no “new” tokens)
  2. ETHP holders will be required to send their tokens to the EtherPrint team so we can secure liquidity.They will be entitled to an airdrop of LQD and CCF for doing so.
  3. EtherPrint will secure the LP and the AVAX portion will be paired with CCF on Avalanche to create the new LP
  4. ETHP holders who sent in their tokens will receive an LQD and CCF airdrop and trading of the new AVAX-CCF pair on Avalanche will go live.

The numbers

Note that Cross Chain Farming is not minting additional tokens.

Circulating supply remains the same but is split across two chains. As such the CCF airdrop to ETHP holders will not be 1-to-1 in value. However, we are offering the opportunity to join a sustainable, vibrant, established project and community with a bright future that will reward all holders.

  • 70 billion CCF tokens will be bridged to Avalanche (current market value circa $165,000)
  • 35 billion CCF tokens will be paired with $82,500 from the secured ETHP LP to create AVAX-CCF LP on Avalanche
  • 35 billion CCF tokens will be airdropped proportionally to ETHP holders who sent in their ETHP tokens (along with a 10% LQD supply proportional airdrop)
  • The remaining $82,500 will be added to Avalanche CCF treasury jointly managed by both teams for farming, operations, and marketing

If all ETHP tokens are received from holders, we can secure the full current AVAX-ETHP LP (value circa $330,000).

This is only achievable if all ETHP holders comply in sending in their tokens.

The more you send in, the bigger the CCF airdrop allocation available. If you don’t send tokens in, you don’t get the airdrop.

In such a case EtherPrint will be adding circa $165,000 in value and Cross Chain Farming will be matching that with $165,000 in value. Both teams will then be working hard to create exceptional value for legacy CCF holders on Binance Smart Chain, and our new holders on Avalanche.

The timeline

As with all 4dot projects, we want to launch this as quickly as possible but also in the most safe and secure manner.

Here’s a look at the proposed timeline for launch.

  • ETHP sells are now locked
  • Details to follow for ETHP holders to send in tokens ASAP
  • Teams coordinate on bridge deployment
  • Cross Chain Farming Avalanche contract prepared
  • Cross Chain Farming Avalanche contract and audits finalised
  • Bridge finalised and CCF tokens bridge
  • Airdrop calculated and prepared
  • Creation of AVAX — CCF LP on Avalanche
  • Contract deployed and liquidity locked
  • Go live and trading opened

The benefits

Without this deal Cross Chain Farming would need to utilise treasury funds for liquidity on Avalanche whilst ETHP holders would be left facing an uncertain future.

With this deal, Cross Chain Farming can focus on using funds to generate profits for holders and also utilise the savings to spend on marketing and promoting Cross Chain Farming and establishing it as one of the premier DeFi 3.0 options.

It also offers ETHP holders an opportunity to recoup any losses (and generate profits) over time through the growth and success of Cross Chain Farming, one of the earliest and most established Farming-as-a-Service protocols. By holding CCF you earn reflections, but you also receive BUSD/USDC dividends from farming profits.

In addition, by pooling the resources and expertise of the 4dot and EtherPrint teams we can work together to create added value for all holders in a fast and efficient manner. This could include joint ventures on LiquidSwap and potentially collaborating on the future 4dot launchpad.

There will always be a few that are dissatisfied, but we genuinely believe this is a win-win solution for those that stick with us through this journey.

At 4dot we have a great community, and we look forward to welcoming the EtherPrint family.

This is a great opportunity for us to all move forward in a positive fashion, and win together.

About 4dot

4dot offers a full suite of DeFi 3.0 DeFi-as-a-Service (DaaS) products; currently comprised of D3 Protocol ($DEFI), and Cross Chain Farming ($CCF). Our mission is to offer simple, affordable and secure access to DeFi for all. Full service DeFi made easy; buy, hold, earn.


Cross Chain Farming

A DeFi 3.0 Farming-as-a-Service (FaaS) protocol. Earn via a protocol managed yield farming treasury.


D3 Protocol

A DeFi 3.0 Staking-as-a-Service (STaaS) protocol. Earn from an auto-investing and auto-compounding treasury.




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