Printing as a Service

Hello Printers, what an exhausting week it’s been for DeFi. After more in depth talks with other FaaS protocols we’ve decided it’s best to stick with what we do best, which is Printing as a Service(PaaS).

The EtherPrint team has learned some valuable lessons about making announcements prematurely and not thinking far enough ahead. We were in a panic about not being able to deliver EtherDAO as well as the entire DeFi market getting clobbered. We have learned that it is best to stay impartial to price action and let the market work itself out. We will continue to market our product to the best of our abilities and let the printer run on forever.

We’ve created new tokenomics to give a lower barrier to entry for new investors. While this may slow down reflections a little bit it will give our protocol much more sustainability.

New tokenomics will be 5% Reflections / 2% Marketing & Operations / 1% Auto-Liquidity. (The auto liquidity tax turns off automatically when liquidity reaches 10% of the market cap.)

V2 and these tokenomics are here to stay forever as we move more towards a decentralized printing press.



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